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Are You Sick & Tired of Going ‘Round In Circles?

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January 2024 - Bangkok, Thailand

Dear frustrated entrepreneur,

In today’s crazy world things seem to be spiraling out of control and many entrepreneurs and business owners are scared of what lay in the future while life gets harder to deal with each day.

With uncertainty in geo-politics, the economy and the cost of doing business going through the roof, the struggle is real!

Businesses closing left and right, margins being squeezed and competition stiffening as tech/A.I. forges ahead at breakneck speed, it seems those with the resources and marketing budget are making bank, while the rest are starting to get left behind – becoming irrelevant, forgotten even..

It’s no wonder people are becoming disillusioned, feeling lost, lacking motivation and quite frankly like, “why bother?!”

Where does that leave you?

With all this and more going on, particularly with talks of another looming pandemic and more business closures, are you finding it difficult to overcome fear, move through anxiety or cope with feelings of anger, overwhelm or even self-doubt?

Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut, struggling to get motivated, organized and on top of things? Is this effecting team morale?

Maybe it’s just a matter of not knowing what your true purpose is, longing to experience a more fulfilling and successful life?

Feeling Despair - Life Coaching

"I know exactly how that feels!"

Around and Around in Circles

I went around and around for years… My destructive habits created a disconnect between the person I was being and the person I knew I truly was – while repeating the same patterns and experiencing the same old results time and time again.

This led to lack of motivation, inconsistent action and focus, disorganization, frustration and even despair, as my self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors got the better of me.

Eventually I was able to get on the straight and narrow..

After years of grueling work in jobs I hated, several failed business ventures, huge amounts of debt and many challenges that nearly broke me, I managed to start moving forwards..

Eventually I’d reached a point in my life where I felt like I had finally made it! Things were not perfect, but I had many things to be grateful for and I loved my life!

A beautiful relationship with a loving wife, daughter, family and friends; amazing fulfilling business with wonderful clients and great work-life balance; and a nice house on the high-street.

Perfect Life

Then the pandemic hit!

Pandemic Closures

Over the course of 2 years, I lost my successful business and my marriage – I was suddenly back living with my father, nursing a broken heart and my life was in total disarray.

I went from ‘King on the hill’ to on my knees experiencing horrible bouts of panic, fear and overwhelm, anger and low self-esteem as I dealt with feelings of failure and helplessness.

To add to the pain, all the turmoil and uncertainty that we were all experiencing around the world as we were in and out of lock-downs – while struggling to keep a new international start-up business afloat with barely any money!

That's not how the story ends!

Now I don’t tell you all this as a big sob story, because that is definitely not how the story ends..

I’m not going to lie. If it wasn’t for the love and support of my family, I don’t know where I’d be.
They were my rock when I was literally at “rock bottom” – but many people are not so lucky.

Actually what really got me through the day-to-day struggles, the constant emotional ups and downs and the feeling of just wanting to give up was all the years of self-development and healing work I had experienced throughout my life from the age of 14 years old! (Read more about my personal journey..)

It was the powerful tools and techniques I had learned from the best personal development mentors and alternative healing gurus on earth that helped to drastically shift my mindset and emotional state back to the positive, allowing me to turn things around in a short time.

Now I’m not perfect or infallible! I still have days where I fall down and the negative thoughts and feelings take over, and situations get the better of me.. But its what you learn from it while you’re down that’s the key, and how long you stay down that makes all the difference.

Laptop Lifestyle Thailand

I want you to know that I’ve been through so many painful and challenging experiences in my life – from bullying and abuse as a child, through addictions and low self confidence as a teen, and multiple failures and more recently divorce as an adult.

I’ve managed to pull myself through it all and have bounced back stronger than ever, now a “digital nomad”, living a happy life on my terms in “the land of smiles”.

I am telling you all this because I want you to know that whatever you are going through, you can and will get through it, and even thrive too!

I’ve been through the ringer, and learned so much about embracing challenges, building resilience, moving through difficult emotions and negative habits, along with the strategies to own your own power and regain your confidence.

These are all things I can share with you to turn your life around and make your journey easier!

I want to support you if you don’t know what to do or where to turn, especially if you have no-one backing you up, to help you to achieve your dreams. Let’s team up to get your business and life on track today.

Having a Life Coach by Your Side Will Change Your Life!

Coaching can truly be the difference that helps you to once and for all create the positive change you want in your life. I wish I had a coach during all my early years of struggle!

I encourage you to reach out and Apply For Your Personalized 1hr Strategy Call to see if we can map out a battle plan for you to move forward powerfully!

We all experience challenges and setbacks in our life, but its how well you deal with them and bounce back that determines where you’ll be a year from now.

Don’t put off going for your dreams another year, get in touch with me today.

Looking forward to connecting with you 🙂

-Paul Jenkin

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