Health Optimization


by Sigmar Berg

I’ve been fascinated by sound healing since I can remember having learned to play the didgeridoo as a young child. Then in 2009 I came across the 9 Solfeggio healing frequencies and from there I have dedicated a lot of time to spreading awareness of the Miracle Tone 528Hz. 

The Lovetuner is a revolutionary mindfulness tool that aligns you with the 528hz frequency, the vibration of love. 

In music it means adjusting the pitch of a tone. In humans it means adjusting your emotional and physical state to align with your environment – literally tuning in and harmonizing with yourself and what is around you.

Designed for all ages, it allows individuals to reduce stress and anxiety within a couple of breaths. Tuning is a very simple and easy way to practice mindfulness through deep breathing exercises. 

The Lovetuner has a profound effect on the body, mind and spirit – Anyone looking for a great meditation tool or a simple way to ease stress and anxiety, get a Lovetuner!


An Introduction to: Static Contraction Training

I’ve been interested in peak performance and optimal health for decades, and Pete Sisco was one of the first that truly blew the lid on mainstream health indoctrination.
This is an introduction to the widely-acclaimed Static Contraction method of ultra-efficient strength training.
It shows anyone at any age how to perform common exercises in a new simplified manner that delivers amazing results from 5-second exercises that need only be performed once or twice per month.
Anyone serious about strength and longevity, must read!